Asset Management

The Bridge team is experienced and trained to provide you with the expertise to achieve success. 

With Directors personally managing your property, Bridge Asset Management chief criteria:

  1. How to assess market rental
    • Undertake an in-depth inspection of the property
    • Evaluate the property in relation to comparable prices in the area, market conditions and historical yields
    • Maximise your property value through ensuring insightful rental reviews
    • Recommend strategies for retaining lessees, leading to a minimal vacancy factor
  2. Prepare the property for the market
    • Create an outstanding listing for the property including a detailed description and quality photographs, showcasing its best attributes
    • Database marketing
    • Social Media marketing
    • Multiple web portals are accessible, all of which are national leaders in retail, commercial, industrial and residential property.
  3. Lessee screening and selection
    • Seeking both short and long-term suitable lessees
    • Complete reference checks and obtain personal, Directors or Bank Guarantee or Cash Bond.
  4. Moving in
    • Liaising on desirable lease terms and conditions for the lessor
    • Facilitate the formulation and execution of lease documentation.
    • Preparation of extensive condition reports with photographs
    • Collect funds payable in advance
  5. Inspections
    • Regular inspections to assess lessee use and care of the property
  6. Rent collection & Financial matters
    • Electronic banking providing quick access to your money
    • Arrears minimisation action by regular proactive direct contact with lessee by phone, e-mail or SMS messages
    • Rent statements that are personalised and sent by mail or e-mail
    • Liaise with lessors and lessees ahead of any rent increase deadlines
    • Categorised annual revenue and expense breakdown
    • Payment of Council rates, water, strata levies, land tax, repairs and maintenance on the landlord’s behalf
    • Collection of all recoverable outgoings
  7. Legal issues
    • Keep up to date with local, state and federal legislation regarding tenancy
    • Comply with all relevant legislative requirements
    • Handle any legal disputes and procedures
  8. Maintenance and repairs
    • Maintenance and repairs on an ongoing basis — access to reputable licenced and insured tradespeople
    • Liaise with owners on matters of repair and maintenance
    • Obtain quotes and permission to proceed with repairs and maintenance
    • Oversee any repairs or maintenance issues on the property
  9. Vacate responsibilities
    • Serve notices to assert the lessor’s right to vary or terminate leases.
    • Complete inspection and condition report
    • Evaluate any damages/repairs and estimate costs
    • Return bond when appropriate

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