Project Management Testimonials

Project Management

After University and a career in the construction industry, I considered developing some industrial land I had acquired along the way. I needed market advice on how the development would best suit the market at that time and into the future as a lettable entity or sale. 

Fortunately, I was introduced to the Bridge Real Estate team, Bill Ryder and Narelle Atack, who provided expert advice on various options through Design, Council Approval, Construction and the final leasing of the units. All units were Leased within one month of completion, thanks to the promotion headed by Narelle during the construction period. It was certainly a relief to have the units Leased so promptly and for rental income to commence. Thanks Bill and Narelle.

As Leases have finished or tenants have moved on, Narelle has found new tenants or negotiated fresh leases, always aware of the market and economic constraints.

More recently I decided to Strata the Units, Bill introduced me to Life Property Group’s Development Manager / Building Consultant, Claudio Minns. Claudio guided me through the Strata process of Council approval, which required upgrading parts of the building to comply with current regulations, and registration of the units at Land Titles. I am grateful to Claudio for his expertise in this area.

On registration of the units in the Strata Plan, I have engaged Bridge and Narelle as Strata Manager.

In 2020 I decided to sell one of the Units, after discussions with Narelle, the property was promoted and the sale followed promptly.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Bridge Real Estate team & Life Property Group for professional services through Development, Construction, Leasing, Sales and Strata Management.

Colin Spinks - Director Spinks Pty Ltd June 2022